The Successful Investor - Part 1

The Successful Investor - Part 1

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Facebook. You're probably using it. If not, much of your pals are. It has gone beyond MySpace to become the leading social media network worldwide. For the ecological groups that I work with, more than 1 in 3 of their members have accounts, which number will undoubtedly grow in the next few years.

Cause-related marketing programs are based on two things. One is an one-on-one collaboration in between a business and a charity. The other is it's product driven/sales promoted. The program works as long as there is no negative promotion about either the charity or the company and it works so as long as the item relocations. In a nutshell, cause related marketing has a shelf-life. While folks compete that any providing is an advantage, these kind of programs are not sustainable. The message is not always one that stands over time nor does the offering.

There's nothing incorrect per se with a philanthropical company as a publisher. It can be a bad publisher or a good publisher. Just as an apparently charitable group can have a political slant, so can any corporation or person who might purchase a paper. So that's a nonfactor.

The Greeks had 2 systems of tax. One was liturgy where rich residents unselfishly contributed more to the government than they were needed to. The other system was "tax-farming" which had a long and vibrant history. Tax farmers were private contractors who bid at public auction for the right to gather a particular tax, such as a harbor tax, an inn tax, or a sales tax. With accurate records from prior years, and disallowing some catastrophe, the amount of tax income expected could be properly computed. Business was risky, but appears to have actually been rewarding. In the city-states, tax farming proved superior to federal government tax administration. The private man did a much better and more cost-effective job of gathering taxes.

Inform yourself economically. The number one reason ladies do not offer more is lack of knowledge. No matter how much money a lady has, if she hesitates, insecure, and/or oblivious around cash, she'll be restrained in her giving. A Prudential study shows that while 73% of ladies think passing cash to kids and triggers is essential, only 14% of them have carried out comprehensive monetary preparation to make sure a reliable wealth transfer.

10% is pure philanthropy. That's right, you simply give it away for the advantage of the community at big. This primes the pump so that deep space starts sending wealth your method. I know, this sounds wacky, but actually, charity companies this is just the Law of Attraction at work.

Think yourself delighted. Seligman called it "develop a beautiful day", we 'd call it visualization. Since of its focus on how we feel and our own personal joy, this corresponds most closely with The Pleasant Life. The good news is: it works!

You CAN have a delighted and long life together. However you have actually got to PREPARE FOR it! You begin by writing your wedding or commitment swears TOGETHER IN SHARED DISCUSSION WHERE YOU JOT DOWN THE DREAM YOU HAVE FOR YOUR LIFE TOGETHER!

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